Singer songwriter Marco Marcus debuted his first self composed single, "The Voice" followed by "Waterfall" and "Cintaku" (My Love), which won numerous acclaims and accolades from music critics worldwide. This launched his career with the much anticipated self titled debut album under Warner Music Indonesia (WMG).

Marco Marcus is all about real talent and "music" and not too much about the other aspects of being an artist in today's industry. Gifted with an incredible 4 octaves vocal range and unique music style set him apart from his contemporaries. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and the legendary Whitney Houston, he is what music critics dubbed the male equivalent of the three divas combined. In this era where the music industry is deprived of proper singing and real "music", Marco Marcus' music provides a breath of fresh air and originality. "I make music for the ears, not just the eyes." He once said in an interview. Currently his debut album is available at most major stores in Indonesia and Singapore. It is also available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other major online stores.